Having celebrated our 45th anniversary in 2020 Ringmer Tiddlers and Toddlers is a well-established Parent/Grandparent/Carer led Toddler group. We usually run sessions on Monday and Thursday mornings during term times at Ringmer Village Hall.


Mondays and Thursdays

We meet on Monday and Thursday mornings between 9.30 and 11.30am in the Main Hall of Ringmer’s Village Hall during term-time. We welcome parents, grandparents and carers with babies or pre-school children to get together in a friendly, informal setting with other families to play and socialise safely. We charge a fee of £2.50 per session per family which includes refreshments; a tea or coffee for adults, and a small snack for children. Please bring water for your little one if needed. 

Other Events

We also organise subsidised outings which in the past have included trips to Drusillas, Knockhatch, Spring Barn Farm, fundraising events with two Nearly New Sales a year.

Why Come to a Toddler Group?

There are lots of good reasons to come to a Toddler Group. We hope you will benefit from at least some of the following, identified by the Pre-School Learning Alliance:

Parent and toddler pre-schools offer:

  • A place to go, where both adults and children are welcome;
  • Company, for both children and adults;
  • An opportunity for parents to be with their children without being distracted by household chores;
  • Time and space for children to learn through satisfying play, perhaps with more equipment than can be provided at home;
  • The chance for parents to compare notes with others doing the same job;
  • Opportunities for both adults and children to learn by observing and absorbing new practices and ideas;
  • Access to other community resources;
  • The beginning of friendships which may last long beyond parent and toddler pre-school days.


Tiddlers & Toddlers