Please help us by observing the following: 

  • Our insurance requires all children to be accompanied by a nominated carer. We cannot accept unaccompanied children at the Toddler Group.
  • In the interests of everyone, please do not bring your child to Toddlers if they are suffering from infectious diseases or have been sick. (This applies to grown-ups too!)
  • Notify members of the Committee if any of the children in your care who will be coming to toddlers either have pre-existing or develop food allergies or intolerances – we are constantly trying to raise awareness of these special requirements and the need to be vigilant.
  • Should you need to change your child’s nappy whilst at Toddlers, please take any wet or dirty nappies home with you. (We get fined by the Village Hall Management Committee if we leave them in the bin as they quickly become unpleasant.)
  • Please help by putting toys away in the appropriate box (they are all labelled) for the next session.
  • Helping with odd jobs – wiping tables, clearing cups etc
  • Out of respect for those running craft sessions or other special activities arranged please accompany your child if they wish to participate – it is hard work for mums to run special activities and look after their own children let alone yours too!
  • Remember – safety first – keep an eye on your child(ren) at all times.

And above all – have fun!

HOT DRINK POLICY – Village Hall Venue Only

We provide hot drinks for adults at Tiddlers & Toddlers.  By joining our group, you are:

  • accepting the potential risk of scalding
  • agreeing to keep the drinks out of the reach of children
  • agreeing to take the utmost care to avoid spillage

A table to put hot drinks on is provided behind the baby area.  Please do not put hot drinks under chairs or on the floor.

Please clean up any spillages to avoid slip hazards.


Tiddlers & Toddlers